The Oxford Bioimaging Network encompasses like-minded imaging facilities from currently 13 institutions from science areas across Oxford.

                             2 colour image of a cell divided to show the resolution improvement when using the TIRF-SIM microscope Confocal imaging of antigen-induced arthritis in mouse knee.  

Oxford is lucky to have the highest concentration of microscopy facilities outside of London.

The aim of the Network is to bring together the experts in these facilities to enable easy sharing of knowledge, best practice and equipment. We collaborate to run courses for staff and students of both Oxford Brookes and the University of Oxford, ensuring Oxford is the home of outstanding microscopy.

Oxford Brookes University and University of Oxford Departments and Institutes:


Physiology and Genetics (DPAG)



Engineering Science

The Dunn School of Pathology

Weatherall Institute of Molecular Medicine (WIMM)

Wellcome Centre of Human Genetics

Kennedy Institute of Rheumatology

Institute of Developmental and Regenerative Medicine (IDRM)

Ludwig Cancer Research

MRC Brain Network Dynamics Unit